OK, time to come clean.  The other thing I was doing on my recent trip to New York was visiting with a dynamic new company called HealthiNation (pronounced healthY-nation).  This group is busy creating the first "on-demand health video network," i.e. a series of informative and instructional videos that help "everyday people" understand the complexities of all sorts of health issues and medical disorders. Viewers can purchase the videos directly off the website, or pick them up via a multitude of On Demand Cable stations around the country.

So far, they've got spots on everything from asthma to breast cancer to home first aid.  And Yours Truly is now their second "True Life Story" with Diabetes:


(Again, squinting while viewing is advised; that way I don't look quite so O-L-D -- the effects of which unfortunately cannot be offset by video instruction) 

With some very clever editing, the HealthiNation folks fit several hours of gabbing into a 3min, 41sec short covering my diagnosis, the blog, and the new book. Quite a feat. 

But they also tell me there's a second segment on the way, to focus on more of the nuts and bolts of daily living with diabetes. It will feature a professional host, plus a doctor-expert, with clips of me slotted in talking about the health tips in our book.  It's always a little eerie seeing yourself onAmyt_at_15_1 film, but let's definitely stay tuned for that one; I'm as curious as you are.

Editor's note: Just because I am terribly, terribly vain, and because my mother recently unearthed these photos, I'm including this image of what once was -- in some bygone era -- pre-marriage, pre-babies, and pre-Dx.

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