The tech blogs are all abuzz today over Bayer's new DIDGET meter, designed just for kids, which integrates BG testing into the world of video games:

"Bayer's DIDGET is the first and only blood glucose meter that connects directly to Nintendo DS and DS Lite and helps kids manage their diabetes by rewarding them for consistent testing habits with points to unlock new game levels and options. Bayer's DIDGET meter is made for kids ages 4-14 and grows with the child's ability to manage their diabetes."

The design is derived from the earlier, independently created "GlucoBoy" application, championed by our very own Scott Hanselman.  You can view a product demo online here.

According to Popular Science, the DIDGET now sells for $74.99 and is available at various pharmacies. Though it hooks up to a Nintendo DS, you don't need one to use it.

So what do I think?

I think it's hugely exciting to see this kind of integration of diabetes/medical devices with consumer technology, of course!

I've never been a kid with diabetes (late diagnosis!). And I have not yet played with the DIDGET myself. But as Kerri posted last summer, adding a little "fun" to BG testing has got to be a good thing for kids. "Hell, I'd like to have that kind of positive reinforcement NOW, thank you very much," she adds.

As a parent, my only concern would be the transient nature of toys. By that I mean my kids BEGGED me for the $40 GoGo Dogs a couple of years ago for Hanukkah. They played feverishly with them for several weeks — before the dogs landed in the heap-o-toys basket that I call the "play graveyard."

Same goes for the Nintendo DS. My girls were absolutely MAD for this system about a year ago. They begged us for new $30 games, fought over them rabidly, and stopped looking us in the eyes for weeks on end while they played, played, played — until they lost interest. (Also, the cat chewed through the charger cord.) Guess where the Nintendo DS is resting in peace now?

So I wonder, is that system still hot enough to capture D-kids imagination? Is it already passé? Or is it possibly just perfect for a certain age window, that may not last long?

I'd love to hear from any parents considering the DIDGET for their kids with diabetes...


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