Well now, back to my D-news musings...

Innovate_11) Body mass index (BMI) is apparently OUT, and gut size is IN, as the new useful measure of health risk, according to a new study reviewed in the Washington Post this week. What this means is that being plump all over is not as bad for you as having a pot belly -- and that goes for women, too. The girth of your waist and hips is apparently the most powerful predictor of heart attack. Weird. Here's the explanation:

"... even lean people whose waists are wider than their hips may carry much of their fat in the abdomen, close to organs such as the heart, stomach, liver and kidneys. Why this poses a greater health risk than fat concentrated around the hips is not completely understood, but some experts say they believe the heightened risk has to do with fat so closely surrounding the liver and other organs. Other recent studies have linked waist-to-hip ratio to risk of diabetes and hypertension."

This gives a whole new meaning to "watching your waistline," I guess. And another freakin' thing to worry about as we get older -- even the lean Type 1's among us. As if we didn't have enough on our mind. Just ask Kassie!

2) Business Week also named Byetta one of the top Products of the Year -- which goes to show how very mainstream and relevant diabetes has become. There is the Byetta pen, among just 40 super-hot products, including the Yamaha Morphous Scooter and M&M's CandyGrams. Love it!

3) The JP Morgan 24th Annual Healthcare Conference kicks off in San Francisco on Jan. 9. This national event brings together all manner of medical luminaries, including -- of interest to diabetics -- Medtronic, Eli Lilly & Co., Amylin, GlaxoSmithKlein, Insulet, Merck, BD, Abbott Labs, Roche Diagnostics and many more. Naturally, a number of talks will be held on glycemic control. You can check in at Close Concerns Weblog for event updates.

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