Miscellaneous D-design news, in varying states of realization, if you will:

* The Luxura HD Insulin Pen from Eli Lilly -- this one's been around for a bit, but I haven't gotten around to mentioning it. It's as sleek as the Memoir Pen, but not quite as smart, missing the digital dosing memory. But the Luxura has one big advantage for little people: it delivers half units of insulin, making the only other pen choice for kids aside from Novo's Junior Pen (which I used before becoming a pumper). I'm just not sure the corporate ball-point pen look of the Luxura is really so appealing for children. It's just so... teal-green. Whatever.


* Symlin in an injection pen -- should be introduced very soon, possibly as soon as end the of October, according to an Amylin company rep I met a few weeks ago.


* A new implantable glucose-sensoring microchip from VeriChip Corp. Another technology that "couldVerichip_implantable eliminate the need for diabetics to withdraw blood to test their blood glucose levels several times a day." A new sensor under development "will emit a passive RFID signal to power the implantable chip, scan it and display the patient's glucose level." OK, we're not holding our breath here. But the inventors have filed for a patent, and "expect to have a prototype of the integrated technologies functioning within six to 12 months." Um, whatever. (Call me when it actually works)

* Finally, Wired's blog featured this gorgeous design for a non-invasive wristband glucose monitor:


I tried to track down the details, and could find nothing but a link to a trendy industrial design firm, with a reference to "a low-frequency ultrasound emission, which makes the skin more permeable in order to allow the insulin molecule pass through the skin pores and get into the blood stream." Um, since none of the non-invasive glucose monitoring technologies to date actually WORK, I'm um... not holding my breath here either. Just pointing this one out for the form factor. Very, very cool.

And you know what? My OmniPod gives me hope that good design can actually function well, too. eHugs to Insulet...

*** UPDATE *** Symlin in a pen was approved by the FDA exactly one week after this post. See the pretty photo added above.

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