I am not on the pump. I get pretty good control with shots, so far. But my abdomen, until recently, looked like a battlefield. This is why we need those professional Diabetes Educators, who gave me some wonderful tips that ought to have been obvious.

First, stop jabbing the needle any old place, and come up with a pattern for different days of the week —- I call it the "belly-go-round" —- so you're not hitting the same spots over and over again. Next, stop being such a cheap #$@%&! and use the needles only ONCE. Those 31 gauge ultra-fine needles actually do go blunt after just one use, so stabbing yourself with them a second time is bound to be rough on the hide. Finally, nix the alcohol pads. We now know that the alcohol promotes bleeding, and the all-important sterilization is not so important after all.

The last tip serves as a vibrant reminder that the medical profession is still more of an art than a science. So much advice is simply Zeitgeist ... Heck, they used to discourage new mothers from breastfeeding. They used to tell diabetics they were barred from having any sugar, ever. Now we know better. Or at least, we believe we do. I can't help wondering which of today's treatment tactics we'll be chuckling about in 5 or 10 years.

Anyhoo, my bruises are fading. Now it's just the annoyance of running out of pen needles twice as fast. Oops! No more in the purse, the car, the fridge... #$@%&!

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