Caught the show last night, which I'm assuming was a rerun. As usual, Mary was a spokeswoman extraordinaire for diabetes and the work of the JDRF. But one thing floored me: when Larry asked her if diabetes had ever interfered with her work, she said, "Not really. Once I felt a little shaky in front of the camera, so I had to excuse myself to drink a glass of orange juice. Then in about 5 minutes, I was OK again." ONCE? ONCE!!

Mary_tyler_mooreThis America's Sweetheart has had diabetes for over 30 years, much of that time before fast-acting and Lantus insulins came on the scene to revolutionize BG control. Can it really be that she's avoided the violent lows we are all so familiar with? Or was she just trying to downplay the effects of diabetes on our ability to perform in the workplace? I'm just not sure what to think here...

Anyway, Mary, thanks for your excellent advocacy work!

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