Welcome back to our Friday "life with diabetes" video short series from filmmaker Jenny MacKenzie, who created the documentary film Sugar Babies. This week's snippet shows a family with a little girl diagnosed with type 1 about a year ago.

It's a realistic view of what it's like having a preschooler who needs an insulin pump. From the D-Mom's perspective on losing control and worrying about her daughter's health for a few hours during the school day to the girl's tears at the doctor's office, this is a heart-tugging clip.

And what does this family have to say about the cost of an insulin pump?

"It's like a car loan." Dad even wonders if he'll need to buy a lotto ticket or put some sponsor images on the shirts he wears to help pay for the high cost of a pump.

Check it out for yourself -

Episode 14: The Choices of Diabetes


Parents of children with diabetes: what are your thoughts here?

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