I've been tagged at least twice for the latest meme: seven random things about yourself. These memes seem to go round and round, and I'm not sure how much you all really want to know about how quirky I am. But here goes...

1) My first "real job" in high school was at McDonald's. After that, it was a local drug store/gift shop, where I was actually fired for insubordination, after pointing out the absurdity of their 30-page rule sheet. Go figure.Little_miss_j_3

2) Everybody says my No. 2 daughter is my "Mini-Me." At right is a photo of her from a Halloween-past, a few years back. She looks much more mature now. But ain't she a beauty? (all on her own, I mean; I don't see so much of me behind that butterfly)

3) I rowed on the Crew Team for a year in college. At the end-of-season banquet, I was awarded the honor of "Most Vogue Rower" because I regularly showed up to 5am practice wearing mascara and hoop earrings. (I think the team captains meant it as a dig, but I didn't care)

4) I grew up together with most of the members of the punk-revival band, Offspring. Their lead singer Dexter and I (whose real name is Brian, btw) got benched at recess together in kindergarten after I copied his bad behavior of balancing his latest art project on his head. Their drummer Noodles (aka Kevin) was my next-door-neighbor.

5) I love garnish. I'm the only person I know who regularly eats the sheaves of lettuce, parsley sprigs, and tomato and orange slices that come on the side with most restaurant dishes. No explanation. Just love the garnish.

6) I am distantly related to a concert pianist by the name of Ilana Vered. She is married to the brother of my aunt by marriage who lives in Washington state. Both Ilana and my aunt were born in Israel and speak Hebrew, Romanian, Polish, English and a few other languages I can't even recall. I neither play piano nor speak Hebrew, but when I was little I dreamed of being swept off by these two exotic women to learn both. The closest I ever got was moving to Germany and learning to speak German. Nicht gerade was meine Familie sich gewuenscht hat :)

7) Like most other bloggers in the OC and elsewhere, I find that many visitors come to me through, well... unexpected Google keyword searches. One that keeps repeating itself here and always makes me smile is "marijuana diabetes," "cannabis diabetes," and sometimes "weed diabetes," leading folks to this post. Seems that I've somehow become a major magnet for PWDs interested in that particular alternative therapy ;)

While we're on the Lucky No. 7, btw, let me take this opportunity to point you once again to the Diabetes Big 7 -- seven self-care behaviors to help you succeed. This sort of constitutes Quirky Thing No. 8 about me, actually: I can't stand to put up a post here without any "meat" to it, 'cause I want this blog to always strive to offer something tangible to help fellow PWDs. On that note, you might like these seven principles as well. Whatever works, I always say.

PS - Ah yes, the rules of the meme can be viewed here. Whom to tag? Looks like so many of us diabetes bloggers have been tagged already, so I'm going to think outside the box here: Sara Ost at Healthbolt.net, Elisa Camahort at BlogHer, Tom Reynolds of Random Acts of Reality, John Mack at Pharma Marketing Blog, and Ben Goldacre of Bad Science -- you're it!

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