I'm simply drowning in interesting stuff I'd like to post about. But an in-depth look at everything in my inbox is not going to happen. So to brighten up your Monday, some juicy links:

* Insulin analogs are no better than the real deal?  A closer look reveals that this is a promotional news release for Oral-lynâ„¢, an oral liquid-spray form of human insulin from Generex (the same folks developing the chewing gum product for Type 2 diabetes).  Both are currently undergoing human clinical trials.

* Got a disaster plan?  If not, the the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) now has one for you.  You can download the 18-item checklist plan HERE.  Note: a lot of this list is about making lists, just in case a disaster should occur.

* Because there just aren't enough diabetes "information portals" on the web, American Diabetes Wholesale has created a new one, called Destination Diabetes.  They've added a Community section with a forum and blogs, but somehow I just don't see patients rallying around anything with "Wholesale" in the title.  Am I wrong?

* We've added a referral service for Clinical Trials to the Diabetic Connect community site. You just input your contact info and health specs, and you'll be notified of any trials in your area that you're eligible for.  The recipes area is also now brimming with loads of yummy ideas. ( I mention the latter 'cause I often wonder who signed me up for making dinner for the rest of my natural life?  The title "Mom" just sounds like it comes with a free recipe database)

* A huge thank you to reader Beth Wieder for getting me mentioned in the New York Times' Freakonomics Blog!  So awesome to know that we PWDs are not the only ones who care about this stuff: putting the wisdom of the community behind innovation.

* Triabetes is hot, hot, hot!  If you haven't watched their latest video, then do so now.

Happy Monday, my Friends.

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