It is with a mixture of disappointment and relief that I convey my latest thoughts on participation in the inhaled insulin study. I'm definitely leaning towards No. It wasn't so much that a dear loved one looked me in the eye and said, "Why would you want to make yourself a gineau pig?", or even that a family member who happens to be a doctor essentially advised, "Say no to experimental drug studies across the board."

What really tipped the scales was the moment that I sat across from my wonderful CDE at UCSF (whoDecisionmaking_1 I'm seeing again, thanks to new/old insurance). After looking at my records and talking with me at length about my current D-control issues, she said: "This will just complicate things. Since you're my patient, I have to advise you on what I think is best for controlling your diabetes, and I don't see how this will help you with your current challenges." Right you are, I'm sure.

In the back of my head were also the two key issues I'd asked the study coordinator to investigate for me: What percentage of Phase I and Phase II study participants actually experienced respitory problems?! And what about confidentiality? Will the company allow me to write about my experiences in the study? (The study rep hasn't gotten back to me with answers yet, which I take as a bad sign.)

Note that I certainly wouldn't sign up for the study for sole purpose of blogging about it. No sir. But if I participated, I would find it incredibly difficult NOT to be allowed to write about it. Like a standup comedian volunteering for summer drama camp and not being allowed to make jokes about what goes on there... NOT!

Anyway, the verdict is to hold off till spring and then get serious about pumping. The idea being that my life might "calm down a bit" by then. HAH! We shall see.

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