I realize that we haven't hit Christmas yet this year. And Hanukkah begins tonight at sundown — so maybe you haven't yet experienced your Best or Worst of the Holidays with Diabetes for this year. But we're asking anyway: share a story for a chance to win!

The DiabetesMine 'Tis the Season! Survival Sweepstakes closes for submissions tonight at midnight Pacific. The idea was to gather past experiences in advance, to share with each other and hopefully be reminded of a thing or two we might want to either try or avoid this year, to make the season more enjoyable.

As a reminder, here are the contest parameters:

flute-elfThe "Best Of" category: share your triumphs and successes, like deftly estimating the carb content of Aunt Mildred's sweet potatoes, overcoming the cookie overload temptation, or your very best comeback to your annoying cousin Bob.

reading-elfThe "Worst Of" category: share your stumbling blocks or something you tried that didn't work — and your thoughts on how you might do it better this year. Maybe a failed attempt at cooking sugar-free, underestimating the carbs in Uncle Al's killer egg nog, or "losing it" over a comment by the "Diabetes Police"?

Two winners will be chosen in each category. Each will win a fabulous prize pack including:

  • 30% off a two-month membership with Fit4D personalized diabetes exercise coaching
  • fit4d-logo
  • A medical ID bracelet from HAH Originals with free custom engraving
  • hah-medical-id-bracelet1
  • A free diabetes supply carry case of your choice from StickMeDesigns
  • stickmedesigns-bags
  • A booklet of coupons for free treats from Blue Bunny ice cream
  • blue-bunny-ice-cream
  • free samples of HealthiFeet Diabetic Foot Cream
  • healthifeet-cream

Just to get the "juices flowing" I'm going to share a story of my own from last year:

So there I was in sparkling, decorated, shopper-packed downtown San Francisco, with my three little girls, feeling fuzzy-headed. We'd taken the BART train into the City and were so anxious to get shopping that we hadn't really eaten lunch — just stopped at a hot dog cart, where of course I could only eat the dog and not the (wheat-laden) bun.  Still, for some reason I had dosed for lunch (?)

Next thing I know I'm standing on a very steep Up Escalator in the middle of the most enormous Old Navy store you've ever seen, with my arms full of dozens of clothing items. I remember wondering why my girls were all grinning so happily. Then suddenly I was SITTING on the Up Escalator with all those unpaid-for garments. My oldest daughter, then 11, somehow managed to get me off the moving staircase and onto the Third Floor, where I began groping mindlessly in my purse: there was something in there I wanted... She had the presence of mind to note that my slurred speech meant I needed sugar. So she got out my glucose tabs and had me eat a few. The brain light went on again, just enough for me to go downstairs and wait in a horrendous line to shell out over $500 for clothing. I don't know what I bought for whom or why. When we got outside, I finally ate something real, and the whole Old Navy episode seemed dreamlike: did that really just happen?  Some street Santa then rang his bell near my head, and that woke me up good.

No: I never returned any of the stuff.  But no: I also never went shopping with my girls again without eating a meal and testing carefully beforehand. Especially not with all that holiday razzle-dazzle — I could have easily lost my little one in the crowd, scary!!

Moral of the story: holiday shopping is not for sloppy diabetics. BG control always does come first, even before amazing bargains!

Now, your turn...

And a very Happy Hanukkah tonight to all those who celebrate!


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