Klinkkk-kruunch! Another Lantus vial bites the dust! Now that sticky sort of aura of it all over the bathroom counter... and tomorrow the argument with the insurance folks about why I need to renew the prescription again already. Gotta have at least two vials in the house!

So now I'm in hot pursuit of a vial protector thingie that fits a Lantus vial. Discovered the InSure vial protectors, but confirmed just now that the Lantus bottle is too tall and skinny and will slip right out. Anyone found an individual protector like this for the Lantus vials yet?

Also saw my educator yesterday to discuss my upcoming trip to Europe. (Only 8 more days, aagh!) As if flying 11 hours with 3 little kids weren't enough, of course I've got to mess with insulin ice packs, syringesCustoms_4, and splitting doses en route. We agreed I should take half my normal Lantus at my regular (West Coast) time, and the other half when I land; then take my normal evening dose that first night in the new time zone.

Bolus is harder because my ratios are very different for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When they serve you "breakfast" on the plane at midnight your time, what do you do with that? CDE wasn't so sure either. All she said was to "err on the side of caution" to avoid lows. I see I'm going to need LOTS of test strips and supplies for this trip...

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