This may be the most trite thing I've ever written about having diabetes, but sometimes this disease makes me feel bionic. You know, half-person/half-machine, so that I am actually Superhuman -- except in the face of the Evil Antidote to my extraordinary energy.

Let me explain.

When I'm getting ready for a major workout, I cut my insulin or sometimes pop glucose tablets to let my BG levels soar for a short time at the outset of the workout. Then I am ready for an activitiy that I know will make my BG plunge. And, MAN, you should see me bouncing off the walls in my aerobics Supersuitclass when I do this!! This tactic works on me like Popeye's spinach, an infusion of superhuman energy. I am PUMPED, I tell you. (And if I do not exercise immediately, I will become a madwoman.)

On the other hand, too much insulin or lack of food in general works like kryptonite -- the green extraterrestrial rock that could down Superman. I am weak at the knees, shaky and helpless...

In fact, being both diabetic and gluten-intolerant, Birthday Cake is my ultimate kryptonite: wheat-flour cake stuff topped with pure sugar spread (deceptively lucious-looking, too).

I hate being so susceptible to these "external forces"! DIABETES SUCKS!! (Did I mention that previously?) Now I understand the woes of the superhero: no control over your own body.

And by the way, if I had to become like a "super," why couldn't it be Elastigirl?!

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