When my second daughter was three, she used hide her eyes when I tested my glucose. Then one day when she turned four, she stared right at my finger and demanded: "Let me see that boo-boo! I don't like that boo-boo." And she let out a cackle.  We've been laughing ever since.

Having kids in your life is constantly refreshing — not to mention exhausting, exasperating, and fulfilling in ways impossible to explain.

Shannon, a mom D-blogger over at Mom Wants a Diabetes Cure got me going with her recent post, "Kids These Days."

Even if you don't usually read my monthly Straight Up column over at dLife, please have a look at this month's edition, especially if you're a parent.  Me thinks you might relate.

Two quick excerpts:

Youngest daughter (5 years old), while snuggling:

I'm your cupcake, Mom, eat me!

Me: chuckling.

"Wait, no, I'm your sugar-free, wheat-free cupcake, Mom. Can you love me now?"


And direct from our kitchen:

Daughter #2 (now age 9), holding up a mini-muffin: "Mom, does this have insulin in it?"

Daughter #1 (age 11): "That's stupid. It has carbs in it."

Daughter #3 (the little one): "Oh, so you can't eat it because of those insulin barbs!"

Me: Oy vey.

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