Happy Valentine's Day (Tomorrow), Dear Readers!

Just for you (all), we've compiled a list of some of the Best of the Web when it comes to diabetes & love.

And we're also revisiting a special Valentine's Video Treat that some of our D-friends put together for us a couple of years ago.

Imagine -- all this sweetness without a single carb to worry about. Enjoy!

diabetes and marriage

On Dating with Diabetes

Dating with Type 1 Diabetes by Beth Orenstein of The Girls Guide to Diabetes, on Everyday Health: “The biggest issue for those with diabetes is often when to tell the person they're dating about their disease. On the first date? Only after it looks like your relationship may be going somewhere? Before you're about to walk down the aisle?” 

Dating a Diabetic by Reva Berman at Type ONEderful: with a great list of six things the PWD (person with diabetes) definitely does not want from a date, and three basic things the non-D participant can proactively do to be supportive.  

Dating a Person with Type 1 Diabetes – interview with a girl named “Heidi” by power lifter and advocate Ginger Vieira at Diabetes Daily: “He taught me how to recognize his lows… and offered suggestions on how to deal with them.”

On Sex with Diabetes

How Diabetes Affects Sexual Function – from Diabetic Lifestyle: “Please read (this) with an open mind, not looking for something bad which will happen to you or a loved one. Rather use it as a tool to make you better informed, and more able to talk to the professionals in your life who can help when you need it.”

Sex, with a Side of Diabetes – from Kerri Sparling at SixUntilMe. “Sure, there have been awkward moments where I’ve felt self-conscious about my ‘hardware’… but it doesn’t affect our physical relationship.”

What’s So Sexy About Diabetes? by Kiki at Diabetes Types A Blog: “To know that you have your diabetes under control is something to be proud of. It takes time management, will power, dedication, consideration, ambition and love– elements that will make anyone pretty sexy.”

On Loving Someone with Diabetes

D-love: Loving a Partner with Type 1 Diabetes by author and advocate Riva Greenberg at Sanofi’s The DX site: “He someone I love has diabeteswrapped his arms around me and said, ‘You’re with me now and I’m with you, and that’s all that matters.’”

Poem: To Love a Diabetic – from the TuDiabetes.org community: “To love a diabetic is to be a guardian. It means standing up for her when strangers accuse her of being a drug addict. It means discreetly asking her friends to keep an eye on her when she’s testing new medications and doesn’t know the reactions to her body yet."

Three Simple Rules for Loving a Diabetic – from HealthCentral.com: “1) Be an Extreme Encourager, 2) Cultivate Empathy, 3) Detach with Love.” {Editor’s Note: I think my husband has mastered all of these, without even knowing it!}

On Spouses with Diabetes

Diabetes and Marriage – from the DiabetesSisters community: “A major source of worry and of reward for my wife and I, as a couple, was the choice we made to have a child.”

Casualty of Diabetes: Silliness – by Ashley Wendel at her blog, The DelicDiabetesMine Partner Follies iconate Balance: Being a Spouse of a Person with Type 1 Diabetes: “It took me a while to realize that there was something else that had changed in our lives post-diagnosis  ... it was very subtle, but I realized that I missed it very much -- Silliness. Yes, silliness. The ability for Tony to loosen up and be silly, be spontaneous, be goofy ... without me automatically feeling that need to go on the defensive, check his pupils, question his sugar level.” 

Diabetes Partner Follies: A Wife and Caregiver - guest post by Sandy Floyd here at the ‘Mine: “We have a lot of emotional stress due to our situation, but our struggles have brought us closer. The obstacles we've overcome and continue to face has made our marriage stronger than I ever thought possible.”

And as promised, here’s that special video about D-Spouse Love that some friends in the Diabetes Community members (including our own Mike and his wife, Suzi!) helped us put together back in 2013:

Also, don't miss a special super-sexy edition of our weekly Ask D'Mine advice column tomorrow, for Valentine's Day itself.

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