It's happening again. The unexplained highs. Going to bed at 84, and waking up at 184 a few hours later -- even after eating two buffalo burger patties with cheese and salad for dinner. WtF?Craft_crown

I MUST be fighting off a cold, although I don't feel any symptoms. I'm using my PMS temp basal to offset this latest bout of SUS -- Sudden Unexplained {blood sugar} Surge. But I am baffled and furious at the same time.

One runs through the mental checklist:

- Is the insulin too old? i.e. ineffective?

- Am I having "absorption problems" at my pump infusion site? (How do I confirm this without yanking it out?)

- Am I taking any other meds that might effect my BG levels?

- Am I fighting off some sort of infection? (my eyes were feeling kind of itchy!)

- Has my carb-counting simply gone to hell?

Too many variables!!

I check so often, and attempt to be so careful about tracking carbs (I do eat them, but in moderation, and with a lot of mathematics involved). This is just so unfair. THIS is what makes diabetes miserable for me personally, if you really want to know. I don't spend a lot of time grieving over my "lost health" or dreading the long-term complications. I work pretty darn hard at "getting it right," yet too much of the time, I just don't. And that drives me crazy.

My endo says she worries about every minute her patients spend over 180 -- the definition of hyperglycemia, and the point at which your body can start to release ketones into the blood, which is very bad news indeed. So I suppose I ought to be scared. But on the face of it, I'm just pissed off. Really!

Just to make myself smile, I insisted that my family call me "Your Highness" for a day. What the heck? I'll never have a better excuse.

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