I'm supposed to report for jury duty tomorrow morning, and I am not happy about it. Not to be unpatriotic, but the truth is, this could be a major interruption of my work and family life -- and I'm a bit worried about the diabetes side of things as well.

The letter I received from the California Superior Court states that "about 80% of prospective jurors serve just one day."  But the odds are against me, since I've already done my "one day" stint a few times. Chances are I'll get stuck there longer. I have friends who've been assigned to cases that lasted MONTHS. Aaargh!

Sure, it's my civic duty, and it could even be very interesting, but I'm pretty sure they don't let you blog (or tweet) during trials -- and who is going to pick up my kids?! (Parenthood is not a valid exception) 



AND... how can I stay on my food and exercise routine if I'm stuck in some court room for days on end? I'm not sure what the rules are on snacks in California court chambers.

So once again, I queried the diabetes community for help. You guys are amazing!  Last week all that great input on diabetes and alcohol, and now a nice response to my call for ideas and advice on the jury duty thing. Here's what emerged:


Most people said bringing snacks and a packed lunch worked out fine -- if a little "inconvenient" since I prepare so many packed lunches every day already (!)

A woman named Robin says, "we had lunch every day that the court had brought in from local restaurants once the jury decided where they wanted the food from (we had about 9 restaurants to choose from)."  OK, but how many restaurants deliver gluten-free food?  Um, next to nada. In this sense, the whole gluten intolerance thing can be tougher than diabetes sometimes.


The conversation quickly turned to the possibility of getting a medical exclusion from jury duty by having your doctor write a note.  Now I can see that there a lot of folks who have diabetes-related disabilities (bad feet, dialysis needs, etc.) that might warrant a medical exception.  But as much as I'd like to slip out of this duty, I just can't bring myself to even consider "pulling the disability card."  The fact is that other than wearing an insulin pump and being allergic to wheat (inconveniences to be sure), I am otherwise pretty physically fit. I think it just sends the wrong message to use the diabetes as an excuse to avoid some unpleasantness when we're fighting so hard on other fronts to be seen as "full citizens." No?

So now I'm off to plan a week of gluten-free meals that can be schlepped along for lunch. Yup, I'll be the geek with the Playmate -- blogging away furiously in the hallways whenever the judge calls a break.



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