*Still live from the ADA Conference in San Diego*

To pick up where I left off, the dLife cocktail party last night was a blast. They premiered the new season of shows, which looks to be getting better all the time. The new idea is to do a "group intro," and then split up the hosts, so that each has a chance to shine with his or her guest. A welcome improvement, I'm sure you'd agree!

But here's the big news: Jim Turner is a REALLY fun guy. He's so much more interesting than youTurner_sm might think just from watching the first round of gabby dLife episodes. I bet you didn't know that he played "Randee of the Redwoods" on MTV years ago -- and that he stars as the boss "Larry" in the new Bewitched movie, which premieres today.

I hope I won't spoil his career if I disclose that I tagged along with the dLife crew after the party, we had a few drinks, and he entertained me enormously with stories of his diabetic mishaps. I sure hope he gets the chance to be center stage on the show some time soon to share some of the wild & crazy D-stuff he's done in his life.

Jim's had Type 1 since he was in high school and has always worked hard to manage it. But it sure didn't stop him from hitch-hiking across the country, camping out in the wilderness, or doing any of the other nutty stuff we do when we're young and energetic -- even back then, when the only insulin regime available was a rather imprecise 2 shots/day.

Not only that, but he was sweet enough to call me in the morning to make sure I was OK after several glasses of wine and no real dinner. (I didn't have a low, but did conk out, only to start out of bed at 2am: Yikes! I forgot my Lantus!) What sweet irony that the ADA Conference was my official excuse to go off the wagon! OK, I'm having fun. So shoot me...

But perhaps you've all had enough gossip column fare (?) Next post is back to the actual Diabetes News. Promise. Meanwhile, if you want it from an expert insider, Tim has tipped me off that Richard Kahn, chief scientific and medical officer of the ADA, is also blogging live from the conference. (Yes, that's the guy who said "sugar has nothing to do with diabetes," but let's try to overlook that for now :)

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