I've been getting offers lately to write for diabetes newsletters and "official" diabetes Web sites. I've been giving this some serious thought. While I utterly appreciate the interest -- believe you me! -- I feel I'm developing a somewhat obsessive attachment to "Diabetes Mine."

I mean, if something sucks I want to be free to say so. DIABETES SUCKS! There, see?! I want to be able to say that and a lot more, all with my very own brand of cynical optimism (crooked smile). Where else can one pontificate so freely and so directly with other diabetic "brothers and sisters" than via one's own blog? How lucky to be born in the Cyber-Age.

While I try to be cheery most of the time, the truth is that not a day goes by when I don't think of myself lying in that hospital bed, wondering if I'll be able to grow old enough to watch my children grow up. I am so indescribably grateful for every day now. Only those who have suffered can know where our heads are at...

So while you will find some of my stuff reprinted with permission on other diabetics' sites, including Mendosa.com, the Diabetes Monitor, and DiabetesTalkFest, I am basically sticking it out here. After all, it's not about the money, right? (Well... a little bit about the money, 'cause daycare ain't free, so my work time's gotta be spent actually working.) But for me, blogging is about sharing, creating community, and being able to vent in good company. Thanks for stopping by!

* * * *

By the way, I'd like to extend a very warm thank-you to my fellow diabetes bloggers Kathleen, Violet, Lori, Jolene, Scott, Martha, Brian, and the newest addition, Shannon, for their tremendous support. You guys make it meaningful! If I may mention, in her blog Broken, Lori recently described what I'm trying to do here better than I have been able to myself: attempting to bridge the "great divide between the people with all the facts and the people blindsided by the actual disease." She says she wants to scream: "HELP US OUT HERE, WILLYA?!" I hear you, sister, and I'm doin' what I can!

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