Seeing as how all of my creative mindspace is currently going into selecting bathroom tiles and countertops (oy, remodel madness!), I almost dropped the ball on today's special holiday: Diabetes Art Day.

This movement is the brainchild of D-blogger and Diabetes Art Therapist Lee Ann Thill. "Diabetes art therapist?!" you say. Yes, indeed. Please review Lee Ann's recent guest post here about the therapeutic qualities of art expression for people living with the ultra-frustrating and oft-depressing condition of diabetes.

The diabetes online community has jumped on board to share their creative juices via various artwork forms today. Google the term "Diabetes Art Day" today to discover the many, many contributions.  You can also check out the dLife-based group that Lee Ann has created called Art of Diabetes.

If you are one of the creative — yet organized! — types posting original art for the occasion today, don't forget to link back to Lee Ann's site for a chance to win a copy of the fabulous new book No-Sugar Added Poetry, a collection of diabetes prose created by the Diabetes Hands Foundation and TuDiabetes.

Personally, I'm more of a wordsmith than a painter or sculptor. But I wanted to share a few of my favorite D-Art genrés today:



First off, Kids' Art, made with love by my very own 11-year-old daughter:







In the general "Cartoon" category, we have a "MindMap of New Diagnosis" by Paul Forman of







In the "Oils" category, have a look at "Glucose" by molecules artist Klari Reis:







In the "Glassworks" category, here is a a 3D model of human insulin by G. David Smith:







And last not least, in the "Warhol" category (?), "Blood Test" by an unknown artist:





As you can see, art invokes psychological exploration, intellectual curiosity, and venting of emotions.

Who knew there was already so much diabetes-inspired art?

A list of galleries to visit, courtesy of Lee Ann:

Drawing Diabetes

Diabetes Supplies Art

Type 1 Diabetes Revealed

Diabetes Art on flickr

Diabetes Art At Justice's Misbehaving Pancreas

I wish you all and inspired — and inspiring — Diabetes Art Day!


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