My former Diabetes Educator (insurance switch,

don't ask!) told a group of us once that she's often not sure if she's

irritable for a good reason, or for a diabetes reason. She was shopping at the mall with her teenage

son when she suddenly stopped to check her BG. "Nope! I'm OK, so it really is you!" she told him. "You're driving me


I've got the same thing going. I mean, when I'm feeling irritable, it always

seems like there's a good reason for

it. Always. But now I try to remember to

stop for a moment and consider whether it's me, going off the charts one way or

the other.

Last week I had a run-in with an infuriated travel

agent. The guy was actually yelling abuses

at me (the customer) on the phone! I was

so upset I was shaking when I hung up. And the first thing I did was check my sugar. 142. Not too off. OK, so he really was out of line!

Now as Tekakwitha notes, it is important for our housemates and others around us to know what to do

if we start acting bizarre. But I can't

help finding it irritating in itself that my loved one(s) jump to Diabetes Mode

the minute I'm the slightest bit annoyed about anything. Sometimes I just disagree with you! Which

doesn't always mean that I need sugar, thank you very much!!

I just needed to say that...

HOWEVER, I do understand that our loved ones go

through a lot to help take care of us. For an

illustration, take a moment to read Kerri's ode to her mother on her blog

SixUntilMe. This one made me bawl. And no, it wasn't hypoglycemia!

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