Could this be the answer to our device design dreams?

Two companies in Switzerland are busy developing a tiny precision pump, that looks, well... iPod-like!


The Nanopump will be "a unique miniaturized insulin-delivery pump... which relies on microfluidic MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) technology, a breakthrough concept that allows a tiny pump to be mounted on a disposable skin patch to provide continuous insulin infusion."  According to Debiotech's web site, this will be the first-ever application of microfluidic MEMS technology in diabetes treatment -- enabling a breakthrough in device size and precision insulin dosing.

There's been a lot of pickup on the press release, but no information indicating when this revolutionary micro-pump might be available...

*sigh*  Looks amazing, but we can only hope they'll get it to market in less than a decade -- by which time the iPod will probably be the size of an earring, ay?

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