Yeah, insulin toothpaste! That caught my eye, too. I read a story a while back about a company called GenoMed, developing an insulin-laced toothpaste (!):Toothpaste_1

The company is perfecting specially formulated toothpastes that deliver drugs, like insulin, to patients while they're brushing their teeth. Because insulin can't survive stomach acid, it must be injected rather than ingested... Flossing, which often causes some bleeding of the gums, could help to speed the drug's delivery to the bloodstream. The insulin toothpaste would be prescribed in a variety of strengths.

Soooo, I wrote to the company's CEO to find out what the current status was! He wrote back to say that GenoMed is still working hard in its labs to perfect this medicine, and is actively applying for a number of patents, but is, on the whole, DISAPPPOOIINTED.

So far, not one of the toothpaste companies was willing to bite (my bad pun), and what's worse, GenoMed believes it has developed a treatment that can successfully prevent diabetic kidney failure, but has been actively snubbed by the medical community.

"The method has been available since 2002 for a modest price ($75/month, or $800/yr paid as a lump sum). Interestingly enough, we've gotten zero press coverage despite issuing a lot of press releases when our five papers were published in 2002-2004," the head of GenoMed writes.

"Reporters, even medical reporters, required endorsement by the professional renal community. None of the nephrologists or non-profit kidney organizations I asked wanted to publicize our treatment. I suppose it's not that surprising. If somebody came along who could eliminate 90-95% of your industry, which you were making $400K a year from, you wouldn't be that quick to help them do it... Nor did Medicare want to save 90% of its $25 billion budget for end-stage renal disease, which was also interesting."

Well now, I'm not in a position to judge whether GenoMed's treatment is viable or not, but this isn't the first time I've heard this kind of talk from a fledgling company working to introduce innovative medicines.

I've been meaning for a while to post about the whole Diabetes Conspiracy Theory: Do the organizations that make their living off this disease really want a cure? Lots of folks think not.

As always, I try to think positive. Wouldn't the group that discovered the cure become rich beyond it's wildest dreams -- not to mention going down in history for medical genius? Ah, and wouldn't the same apply to Crest or Colgate or Tom's of Maine if they were the first to back the development of ingenious insulin toothpaste?! Come on, guys, GenoMed's still looking for the right partner.

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