Who here uses an insulin pen? Tired of having to screw the needles on and off?  You might be very interested a new product from Can-Am Care called ClickFine, precision Swiss-made pen needles with patented technology that lets you click them on and off instantly.

What's the big deal, you ask?  Well, I personally switched from a Novo Nordisk Junior pen to an insulin pump about a year and a half ago, but I do remember how annoying it was, when I was hungry and ready to eat, to have to fumble with unscrewing a used needle and screwing on a new one.  Of course, I was often lazy and reused them, but today's pen needles are so wonderfully fine (and thus painless) that you really can't reuse them more than once or twice without dealing with a bent tip, in my experience.

So these ClickFine needles look pretty neat, super-easy to snap on and off, and as the company asserts, ideal for people with "dexterity issues and vision impairments." The new needles are also compatible with all major pen brands, even including Byetta and Lantus injection pens.

Full Disclosure on an Upbeat Note:

As of June 2008, I was invited to participate in a newly formed Advisory Board for Can-Am Care, the company that also makes Dex4 glucose products.  Of the eight board members, all are medical professionals (CDE, RN, MSN, etc., etc.) with the exception of myself and Doug Burns, former Mr. Universe with Type 1 diabetes.

So what are a bodybuilder and an OC blogger doing on a manufacturer's advisory board?  Providing patient input, of course! I was delighted when Can-Am invited us, as this move speaks to our collective call-out for the pharma and device companies to listen more closely to voices from the patient community.  The only way for them to really understand what patients want is to involve us in the product development and communications process, no?  So the bottom line here is: if you have feedback on ClickFine or Dex4 products, contact me.  I'd love to pass on your thoughts to the folks serving our community.

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