It's Sunday morning, and as predicted, my feet hurt already. Been so busy running around the halls of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center here in New Orleans, meeting D-folk and soaking up as much info as possible, that I haven't had much time to post yet. Been twittering intermittently, though. Catch up my updates there.logo_ada-2009

For the big news, see the myriad MSM headlines about the RECORD study results, a controversial trial showing that GlaxoSmithKlein's troubled diabetes drug Avandia reportedly does NOT increase risk of heart disease in Type 2 patients -- although "leading cardiologists remain unconvinced, saying the company's research has serious flaws."

As previewed, there's also been much coverage of shifting to the A1c test as a measure for diagnosing diabetes. I was initially unclear on why this is such a "big departure" for the medical establishment when it seems like such a no-brainer.  But it seems the devil's in the details: "The only thing that has kept the reliable test from becoming a standard diagnostic tool is that the major diabetes groups have not yet agreed on what result constitutes a diagnosis." Now it looks like they're going to standardize on a reading of 6.5% or greater to be considered diabetic.  Hmm, that would make me currently non-diabetic! (well, honorary at least)

Meanwhile, I've been busy attending sessions about patch pumps, advances in continuous glucose monitoring, and Type 1 diabetes and exercise.


"For a very compulsive person (with diabetes), they are their own closed loop" -- Dr. Bruce Buckingham.

"Anything that keeps (diabetes management) simple, people will do. For anything complex, then you need a compulsive patient" -- Dr. Bruce Bode

"The future of Type 2 diabetes treatment is going to be GLP-1 drugs, simple regimens, and simple pumps giving basal/bolus -- It's all about simplicity and ease of use" -- Dr. Bode

"This is the airbag of insulin pump therapy" -- Dr. Bode again, addressing the new Medtroinc Veo system combo pump/CGM launched in medtronic_veo-pumpEurope this week, which features a new algorithm that automatically shuts down the pump's insulin delivery when a low is detected (if you don't respond to alarms).

"The top strategy for intense athletics with Type 1 diabetes is 'Carry more carbs you DREAM you will ever need'" -- Carla Cox, CDE

"Using CGM puts an extra burden on people with diabetes. It's easy to get burnt out" -- Dr. Howard Wolpert

"People feel more in control when they can see the numbers. Using CGM can be very frustrating, but it can also enhance confidence in your body -- you don't have to live in fear of hypoglycemia" -- Dr. Bill Polonsky

And much more to come...

Oh, and btw: did I mention that colored skins are now available for the new OmniPod PDM? (photo to come soon) I'm debating between green and purple.  Just like I promised, bringing you all the important stuff that catches my fancy ;)

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