Did you know that you get little rolls of "insulin fat" on your frequent insulin injection/infusion site spots? Yuck! Maybe I'm just naive, but I thought those little bulges developing on my otherwise-gratifyingly-flat stomach were just advancing age. Or too much cheese.

But my endo took one look at my tummy a few weeks ago, and said, "Those sites are overused! Can't you see the damage? It's plain as day." She took out a ballpoint pen and actually drew circles just like these:


Furthermore, when I had some catch-up OmniPod training with the Insulet rep a few days later, she just shook her head. "Clear to see, but it's not that bad. I've seen some patients who have little baseballs of fat in the spots they keep using." Ooh, too much information.

She says my spots are still "fresh" enough that I might be able to reduce the puffiness by applying warm compresses regularly in the evenings. If I ever got around to sitting down quietly for more than a few minutes at a time, that is. Usually by the time all the kids are quiet upstairs, I flop on the couch for a very short TV respite before going to bed, and there ain't no way I'm getting back up to prepare a special "warm compress" for my belly. Not unless it's life-threatening, that is.

Anyone else experiencing these "diabetes love bulges"? If so, what have you done about it? (Other than the old cover-up with clever fashion selections...)

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