Let me start by saying that yesterday was just the Best Blogging Day Ever!  I should have de-lurked you all ages ago.  Thank you for all your wonderful comments!!

Now, just in case you had the slightest interest in purchasing our new book (~grin~), please check out the nifty new "Order Now" button in the left-hand margin here.  That's right, get your very own copy PLUS a free trial pack of ExtendBars right here, right now...

What's the deal with the product promo, you ask? Freetrial

ExtendBars happen to be my favorite (and so far the only) specially formulated "diabetic-friendly" food I eat on a regular basis.  And I only tried them because I got a free sample at a diabetes expo last year and they tasted really good.  I read up on them and discovered that the company, founded by former ADA president Dr. Francine Kaufman, actually conducted scientific studies with patients to confirm their impact on blood sugar.  Whether they truly curb the dawn phenomenon or not, they make a great tasty daytime snack that absorbs much more slowly into your blood stream than most any other snack bar.  And I do love snack bars.  And those regular granola bars were just killing my A1c, I tell you.

Anyhoo, I've been in touch with the company for a while and they are a great team.  Always looking for ways to help improve the lives of people with diabetes, they've taken an interest in our new do-it-yourself diabetes health book, Know Your Numbers, Outlive Your Diabetes.  They wondered why I wasn't selling the book directly off my blog.  No order fulfillment systems in place in my tiny upstairs office, you see.  So we're collaborating to make it easy for folks to buy the book, and try the bars at the same time -- without committing to a whole case-full of some D-snack you haven't even tried yet.  Try 'em, you'll like 'em. 

Ooh, and as Rob says: "I'm not saying that your very SURVIVAL depends on you going and purchasing (our) book just as soon as you finish reading this. But really, why take the chance?"  (~grin~)

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