Earlier this week, I got word that a woman who called herself "Goddess" online has passed away. She had over 6,000 friends on the DiabeticConnect community site. To be honest, I didn't know much about her other than the tips and questions she posted very regularly.  Still, it's the oddest (and saddest) sensation when any life disappears like that.

Another member sent a query saying there still seemed to be activity on Goddess' profile, and was she still with us?  That turned out to be simply a result of people responding to friend invites that she sent months ago. It's eerie.

It reminds me that for all the great advancements in treatment and care, we diabetics are still playing with fire.

It reminds me that life is so fragile. (Goddess was not an old woman. But she did list that she suffered from many diabetes-related conditions, including neuropathy, high cholesterol, and depression.)

It reminds me that these online blogs and networks that connect us are more than just fun and games. They are, for many, truly a lifeline.

The good folks at Alliance Health (developers of the DiabeticConnect community) are working on a way to "memorialize her profile."

My suggestion was to create a full "memorial wall" area where we could maybe add the names of others lost to diabetes.  I should like to add my father's name there somewhere.  Lost but never forgotten.

Where is the damn cure?

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