I realized with a bit of shock that the anniversary of my diagnosis came and went this year without notice. Here it is July already, and it just dawned on me that on May 21, I hit six years with this exasperating illness.  I suppose it's a good thing that that day no longer knocks me for a loop.

Kind friends and relatives often ask me: "How are you doing — with your health (or with your feeling-finediabetes)?" (They kind of whisper the last word.)  I never know quite what to say.  My mind races:

Well, this morning was crap. I was at 285 after breakfast. No idea what went wrong!


I was low all last night: sweaty with nightmares. Grrr.


My pod is loose today and I'm paranoid that it's going to come unstuck any moment now.

But I don't say those things, because who really wants to know, anyway?

And then another thing dawned on me: a quote from my wonderful, beautiful grandmother, who was graceful until the day she died.  Lymphatic cancer had been eating away her insides for years, and she had a severe and incurable case of dry eye syndrome that could not be treated with any known drops, so she was in pain every time she blinked.

Still, she smiled a lot, taking pleasure in life where she could. And when kind friends and relatives asked, "How are you?" she invariably answered, with a little laugh:

"I'm fine, if you don't want the details."

Thank you, Grandma. I'm sticking with that line from here on in.


btw, I should mention that my Grandpa also had a great sense of humor until the very end. He lived to be 99.  Somewhere around that time we called him on the phone to say, "We'll be over in half an hour, Grandpa."

"Half an hour?" he replied. "Well, don't come too soon. Lately it takes me that long to get my pants on!"

Here's to always keeping up your sense of humor, even when your health is on the line.


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