No new specific diet or diabetes decrees over here. I gave that up a long time ago. The notion that I'm going to suddenly shed all my bad habits and "start over" being perfect is just a recipe for frustration. Instead, I like to think in general about how I'm going to approach life in the coming year. Enjoy. Joy. Less stress. Less unnecessary worry. More joy. I try to resolve to keep all that in mind.


A few great links to kick off your new year:

* Coffee lovers (that's me): Check out Starbuck's new "Skinny" Mochas and Lattes. Only 90 calories... carb-count TBD.

* Inspirational types: Enter Prevention Magazine's Picture of Health contest. Tell 'em how you changed your life, in video and/or photos.

* Follow what the politicians are going to do about healthcare, at

* Check out the Top 10 health trends for 2008 from the Times UK online. Note that #10 is all about beautifying your teeth... a point which the Simpson's hammer home so nicely in their "Dental Health for Mental Health" video on YouTube. Ha!

* Keep your eyes peeled for Google's new online Health Platform, coming in early 2008.

Happy New Year 2008, Everyone!

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