In San Francisco, that is. HOT, HOT, HOT! (which is not good news for everyone, it seems). We had to abandon the house for the beach all weekend, which was a bit of a challenge with my DexCom belly. I braved a bikini one day, and lay there covering my Dex with a pair of crumpled shorts. StillHeat_wave_sm glad I have it, though. Had some serious BG swings in this weather.

Anyhoo, another reason to love my home state: the day after Bush's veto, our illustrious "Gubernator" Arnold Schwarzenegger granted a $150-million loan to stem cell research in the state of California. He says, "I remain committed to advancing stem cell research in California, in the promise it holds for millions of our citizens who suffer from chronic diseases and injuries that could be helped as a result of stem cell research." (I've never been much of a fan, and I'm sure there's some political chess at play here, but nevertheless, finally a reason to say: Go Arnie!)

Outside California, the stem cell battle rages on. Let's make no mistake, however: "Scientists say embryonic cells holds the most promise because the undifferentiated embryonic cells can be developed into cells that form any organ of the body."

Meanwhile, I get it: you all want more details on my CGM experience -- except it's a bit hard to concentrate in this weather. Which would explain why I'm "all over the map" today. So post your queries here! Anybody cool enough to pose a halfway articulate question ought to get a halfway articulate answer, hopefully. If the heat lets up...

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