OK, so it took me over an hour to read through this week's 60-some-odd responses to the diabetes police. This was, in part, due to the head cold I picked up over Thanksgiving weekend.  Blah.  But the real reason was because the answers to this week's Holiday Survival Sweepstakes query were so darn entertaining!  I had to go back and re-read a bunch, and make notes for myself, because I am going to be using many of these comebacks — just watch me!  Thank you all so much!!

And now, to our WEEK 2 WINNERS.  I find that on the judges' panel, Allison, Scott and I are intrigued by different approaches, so that makes gaining consensus on winners rather spicy, I'd say.  But we were able to agree on the following:

•    Ashley, who offered this little tirade:

"oh the possibilities!...

"Should you be eating that?"

"This fudge is made of sugar, butter, chocolate, and nuts. NO ONE should be eating it, but it doesn't seem to be stopping any of you!"

"That's not good for you."

"It's not good for anyone. I appreciate your advice, but I'm gonna go ahead and eat this anyway."

"That's not good for your diabetes."

"Maybe not but it is good for my soul!"

"You can't have that!"

"You just made this taste a hundred times better and you didn't even know you were doing it!"

Ashley is the winner of the much-coveted aDorn diabetic messenger bag, retail value $89.95.

•    Debbie (with 2 Ds), who says "I usually tell them that diabetes is unique in the way it manifests itself in each person and what each diabetic can eat and the amount is different in each of us. We are all different, just like snowflakes."  We loved that analogy!

Debbie's won herself a luxurious "Essential Bedtime Foot Treatment Kit" from Gilden Tree Creams, retail value $24.99.

•    Dave, who writes:  "When the D-Police arrive, I try to keep in mind that they are trying to have my interest at heart! It is hard to make them understand that for the 31 years I have had this problem, I have had to figure this out to survive."

"If they keep on, the gloves come off and I ask them, 'How long have they been a diabetic?' and what was their last HA1C level? I then get a blank stare, then they ask what is that? That is when I can look at them suprised and say How can you ask health questions if you don't know these easy Diabetic questions? How can I make sure you know what you are talking about? Let me see your insurance card and copay amount? I know, kinda mean but they kept asking... They normally don't ask more than once!"

You stopped 'em, Dave.  You win this week's HealthSimple Starter Kit, containing all the supplies you need for comprehensive carb counting and logging, retail value $64 per kit.

•    Mollyjade, who deals with 'em this way: "'Thank you for your concern.' Smile. Change the subject. Repeat.  In my experience, the diabetes police aren't usually loved ones (at least not after the first few years)."

She's the winner of our weekly book of coupons for 12 free cartons of Blue Bunny low-carb ice cream! Retail value circa $70.

•    Scott Strange, who says, among other things: "You know rule #1 in diabetic etiquette? Don't offer unsolicited advice, anecdotes... especially about something you really don't seem to have much first hand knowledge of."

Right. Straightforward and said with a smile, we assume. Scott wins himself a copy of the newly revised "The Diabetic Athlete's Handbook" by Sheri Colberg-Ochs, retail value $19.95.

•    Sarah Lawton, whose answer all three of us just loved: "I like to explain my diabetes to anyone as I am a stick shift and you run automatic.  Where your body adjusts in reaction to everything you do/eat, I need to 'shift my gears' to keep going.  So around the holidays when the d-police show up I ask them to kindly let me shift my gears in peace."

Good stuff! Sarah wins a copy of "50 Secrets of the Longest Living People with Diabetes" by Sheri Colberg-Ochs and Steven Edelman, MD, retail value $15.95.

•    Dan, who tells the D-police: "Let's count carbs together, Yea, Yea, Yea!  What are your best numbers? Let's have a real discussion about this condition. We can start after I take a bolus for the donut."

Haha, Dan!  You win this week's ExtendBar snacks "Holiday Survival Kit" including a sampling of all the company's products, retail value circa $33.

•    Suzanne, who is a bit more level-headed: "First, I don't get angry because I know they won't really understand why it upsets me. I also don't go on with a long lecture because they likely won't fully understand (or TRULY even care), but I do want to take the opportunity to educate people on the disease, so a simple:

"Thank you for your concern, but the new motto for Type 1 diabetics is 'have insulin, will eat'!! As long as I count what I am eating and take my insulin to cover it, I can eat whatever I want! It's amazing isn't it?!? We've come so far since I was little!!"

Suzanne wins this week's Verē Goods' "diabetic-friendly" gift pack, including 5 bars of dark chocolate in a variety of flavors (pure dark, mint, vanilla bean, spicy, and citrus), retail value $30.

•    And finally Zazzy, who's able to sidestep all the snarkiness and focus on the positive: "Let's face it, it is usually one or two souls who probably have good intentions. If I go into the situation with an attitude based on past annoyances, chances are it's going to end up making both me and them uncomfortable. The only person I can really change is me so I may as well reframe my attitude... So, I plan to put on a genuine smile, thank that person for their concern and say that I've got it covered. We'll see if that works."

Thanks for reminding us that life is too short to get too worked up about this stuff, Zazzy.  You win a very cool dog tag medical ID from HAH Originals designer medical jewelry, retail value $35.

**WINNERS: Please email a valid postal mailing address (snail mail) and telephone number to me here in order for your prizes to be shipped out to you.  All of you will also be entered into our GRAND PRIZE drawing at the end of December!

And a couple of quick notes before we proceed here:

1) last week's winner Michele (with one "L", the cinnamon and peppermint gum gal) still hasn't claimed her prize. If you're out there Michele, please send your address by the end of this week or your prize will be redistributed, I suppose.

2) Special thanks to Mike Lawson for sharing his Diabetes Police Video — a must-watch for all of us!, and

3) Thanks to Florian for pointing to the Glucose Goddess' Top 10 responses to the diabetes police. My favorite there: "I can only please one person per day... today is not your day... and tomorrow's not looking so good either."

And now... our Round 3 Question for this week:

Please tell us you don't just surrender to couch-potato-dom at this time of year. Got any tricks or tips for keeping up an exercise regime? Enter the Sweepstakes by sharing them with us right here.  Gracias!

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