What a fruitful week we have had strategizing in advance over how not to "lose it" with your diabetes control during holiday parties this season.  DiabetesMine received nearly 100 entries for the first week's question!!  Thanks to everyone for your insights (and your sarcasm in spots ;) ).

Now, I'd like to announce our first round of winners, nine of you!  And don't forget to read on to the end of this post for the Week 2 Survival Sweepstakes question, your chance to add to our community's collective knowledge and also collect a prize or two in case you haven't won this week.

For their valuable replies to the question, "What's your killer strategy for managing your BG while at parties?" the following readers are WINNERS / Week 1:

* Suzanne, who always has a PLAN, and remembers to take frequent "diabetes focus moments" in which she excuses herself to check and bolus. "It can be each hour, 1.5 hrs, 2 hrs or whatever fits your needs."

Suzanne's the proud Winner of: A case of 48 tubes of Cooper Labs' pampering P.O.L. skin cream, retail value of $19.99 per tube (!)

* Carrie J, who remembers to eat before parties, bring a green salad, and "I'll know that a bite can be just as yummy as a slice, one glass is enough and that perfection is overrated."

She's the Winner of: this week's ExtendBar snacks "Holiday Survival Kit" including a sampling of all the company's products:

•    5 ExtendBars (one of each flavor)

•    a 5 bag variety box of ExtendCrisps

•    a 5 pouch variety pack of new ExtendShakes powdered shake mi

x•    a great Blender Bottle for mixing up your shakes

Total retail value $32.98

* Glenda Steffee, for her idea to "work the party" by volunteering to help serve punch or take photos, because "being busy sure beats standing in the corner drooling over what you shouldn't eat!"

She's the Winner of: A beautiful Deluxe Diabetic Carry Case in your choice of pattern from StickMeDesigns, retail value ca. $40.00

* Karen, who stays away from high sugar mixed drinks, but DOES enjoy a nice glass of wine, and who can say "no thanks" to sweets, but still might have "one small bite of my husband's dessert."

She wins: Blue Bunny low-carb ice cream! You'll receive book of coupons, redeemable for 12 free cartons of ice cream. Retail value ca. $70.

* Tarra (with two Rs), for her 10-step strategy for tackling parties, starting with "I do not allow myself to pick at foods," and ending with "Just enjoy the holidays!"

She's the Winner of: A WellCharm cell phone sticker with 18 months free Platinum WELLness Service — a medical emergency service, worth a total retail value of $96.00

* Michele (with one L), who has a snack prior to the party and then goes armed with a pack of sugar free gum in a strong flavor like cinnamon or peppermint. "It keeps me from nibbling duing the appetizers plus - makes for fresh breath just in case"

She's the Winner of: A free copy of the book, "50 Secrets of the Longest Living People with Diabetes" by Sheri Colberg-Ochs and Steven Edelman, MD, retail value $15.95

* Debi Martin, for her tip on the 125%  temp basal for the first hour or two of the party (We never thought of that!)

Deb's the Winner of: this week's HealthSimple Starter Kit containing everything you need for comprehensive carb counting and logging:

* FLASHCARBS® Card Deck and Magnet Set;

* A Care Plan Worksheet pad and Carb Count Sticker pad

* A DATAWISE® Logbook and CARBWISE CHEAT SHEETSâ„¢ Carb Counting & Insulin Dosing Worksheets

Total Retail value $64.00

* June S, who focuses on exercising before any party, and then uses the square wave bolus on her pump to deliver the insulin over 30 minutes' time — and seltzer water, too!

June's the Winner of: a shiny new stainless steel medical ID style 1 from HAH Originals designer medical jewelry, including custom engraving, retail value $19.95

and last not at all least...

* Kelly Kunik, for her idea of loading up on veggies and dip, and also "my most important strategy ... I enjoy the moment of celebrating with my friends and family and make the focus on them - not the food. Life gets so hectic and our time together is short - I want savor every moment I have with them!"

She's the Winner of: this week's Verē Goods' "diabetic-friendly" gift pack, including 5 bars of luscious dark chocolate in a variety of flavors (pure dark, mint, vanilla bean, spicy, and citrus), retail value $30.00

* PLEASE REFER TO LAST WEEK'S POST to view photos of the fabulous prizes, and read the winning entries in full.

**WINNERS: Please email a valid postal mailing address (snail mail) and telephone number to me here in order for your prizes to be shipped out to you.  All of you will also be entered into our GRAND PRIZE drawing at the end of December!

Overall, I'd say last week's party advice could be summed up this way:

"Eat before you go, stay busy (don't stand still by the food), ration your goodies, keep your hands/mouth full of water or a non-alcoholic drink, test often, and use your pump's temp basal programs."

And now for the DiabetesMine Holiday Survival Sweepstakes Question #2, hand-selected for THANKSGIVING week:

How do you "beat them off" without "beating them down" and turning yourself into Cranky Diabetic Man/Lady?  We're looking forward to your informative, courteous, and snappy comebacks below.

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