Happy, happy long Thanksgiving weekend, everyone!

We here at the 'Mine we are taking a few days off — whew. And no, in case you're wondering, we're not spending Thanksgiving in the hotel. That sure would blow. (Although we're still living in that dump suite ;) ).

We'll be enjoying too much food with good friends at their house on Thursday, and then the rest of the weekend in gorgeous Big Sur. Yay!!

Speaking of too much food, I just couldn't resist sharing this:

Ice cream with real turkey morsels! And swirled with sweet potato, chocolate fudge and cranberry sauce, too. I kid you not!

I love how American ingenuity extends to making bad eating habits worse.

Speaking of which, I don't see anybody really helping us PWDs or pre-diabetics eat better over the holidays. I mean really, have you seen the repeated covers of Diabetic Living magazine? How do images of ooey-gooey desserts help us make better lifestyle choices?

And speaking of poor eating advice, see also this recent editorial on "ADA's Thanksgiving Disaster." OK, it's written by a quack-ish doctor who thinks you can cure diabetes in 30 days by switching to some kind of raw food diet. But he does have a point that the ADA favors a high-carb diet and doesn't differentiate between fast and slow-acting carbs. And he is spot-on in noting that most of the choices in the ADA's Thanksgiving Menu are poor ones for PWDs. (No offense to Hope Warshaw, who I know is keenly aware of the great carb debate.)

Want some good D-friendly menu advice? I'd go to David and Elizabeth Edelman's DiabetesDaily site and download their free cookbook. Always yummy from them! My community, DiabeticConnect.com, has also just posted a holiday guide with a free downloadable low-carb holiday cookbook. This one includes Hanukkah and Kwanza (!), and lots of things to make out of cauliflower.

Personally, I'm just doing everything I can to avoid the stretch pants this year. Last year I was disgusted with myself for gaining six pounds over the holidays. Good time to look back at the "Nuggets of Wisdom" eBook from the D-OC for tips on staying active during feast season.

Whatever you do this Thanksgiving — stretch pants or no — I hope you enjoy yourself!

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