We hope you're off having fun -- sans any diabetes issues to be concerned about.

To fit the holiday mood, here's a quick glimpse at what we've got going from our respective ends in California and Indiana!

Amy's Holidays

Well, Hanukkah has come and gone again this year. But it sure was a cozy one! We lit the candles each night, fried up waaay too many latkes, cuddled by our newly installed wood-burning stove fireplace insert (which rocks!), and opened up eight nights' worth of mostly perfume and clothing. Hey, I've got three daughters! Sorry, Hubby, but it's all about the fashion and beauty products these days.

Highlights were the night when our calico cat refused to get out of the big Star of David gift bag (we're pretty sure she slept in there), the toy bow and arrow my 10-year-old wished for and then mastered shooting across the house to switch off the hallway light (look out!), and of course, the last evening when said 10-year-old created her very own PowerPoint presentation, to argue why she needs a later bedtime. The preso was called "Z's Bed Time Revolution," complete with the colorful title illustration & opening statement below:



Since I'm already 10, change is at hand.

I've always gone to bed at about 8:45 or 9:00. But do mom and dad know that I stay up reading, writing, drawing, playing on my ipod and especially using the watchdisney app? I know I make it sound like I never sleep, but don't worry, I do.

So that's what's up on our end. No comment on the 13 and 15-year-olds ;)


Mike's Holidays

Our Christmas Tree materialized in the living room a few weeks ago, the first time it's stood in this house since we moved here earlier this year. All strings of lights are working, ornaments are hanging tight, and the angel is lounging from a great viewpoint at the top. Our Diabetic Spirit is also shining strong as the D-Supplies have also made their entrance for the third year in a row! We have some returning favs, like:

  • The Blood Test Strip Globe that was a gift from my mom (a fellow PWD!) last year!
  • Pump tubing tinsel, hanging high again without worry of being yanked loose by a jumping dog or sneaky aggressive doorknob. Plus a Glucose Tablet on a pump tube string. And a nearby empty One Touch Ultra Blood Test Strip Vial being recycled for D-Tree use!
  • Lancets on a string, er... piece of pump tubing. Because really, if you aren't going to change them regularly, you might as well get some good decorating use from them.
  • Old insurance cards on pump tubing string. I keep all my expired insurance cards, and am now making creative use of them by adding a new one to the string each year!

Since I'm currently on a pump hiatus, we decided to stray away from pump supply ornaments and instead embrace the Multiple Daily Injection (MDI) Ornaments... In the picture below, you can see: An Insulin Syringe, Empty Lantus Pen, (Two Turtle Doves, and Pair of Insu-lin Bottles!).



Oh, plus a Diet Coke (!) and an M&M since they sometimes present as low blood sugar treatments.

This Christmas, we also seriously thought about adopting from our local humane society a cat named Sugar -- I mean, seriously, a cat with that name's destined to live in a PWD's home, right...?! But alas, we just felt the time wasn't right for this new addition to our household so the Riley Dog will remain our only pet at this time.



Hope it's a great holiday for everyone!


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