Thank you everyone in the Diabetes Community for making this past year a great one! In case you missed it, we published a big roundup of “The Diabetes Year in Review – 2018” that chronicles all the exciting D-stuff that happened, month-by-month.

As we get rolling on a new calendar year, we’re of course pondering resolutions that may or may not be practical for 2019, and have mostly managed to nail down a list of those we won’t be keeping.

Whoa, what a way to start 2019… by declaring on Day One things that we won’t be doing instead of putting our best feet forward on making positive changes?

Yep, well in some ways that’s a metaphor for life with diabetes: you have to be an Ultimate Pragmatist about what efforts you’re really going to make and stick with on a regular basis. We’ve explored the topic of “sticky” resolutions in the past, where we’re supposed to embrace behavioral changes that last instead of just focusing on abstract concepts like “motivation” and “willpower,” which are the top mistakes people make, according to Stanford experts.

And as per usual at the start of a fresh year, we expect to see many cliche diabetes tips bantered about as always. You know, trite reminders to “move more” and “eat more vegetables” along with references to tree bark tea and magic supplements that can level off our blood sugars. A few of our ridiculous faves include:

  1. Buy more diabetes products — like expensive shampoo or vitamins, or specialized sunglasses
  2. Socialize our diabetes away. Because the more friends we have, the less diabetes. So says the UK’s Daily Express.
  3. Get water-logged to induce a cure. (Gulp)
  4. Invest in insulin chewing gum. Because that breakthrough is definitely going to happen.
  5. Enjoy teaching doctors who are “diabetes dumb.” Wait, nevermind — too much work!
  6. Compile a list of “best diabetes apps” that includes a bunch of mHealth apps no one’s ever heard of… some even created by a company called UglyApps.
  7. Go on a strict Kale Diet. Because… SUPERFOODS!
  8. Be more “compliant.” Or maybe not. Because it feels so good to be “bad.”
  9. Take the word of random people — aka the Diabetes Police — who firmly believe you can overcome your diabetes woes by just eating cinammon. ((sigh))


Diabetes Resolutions… Seriously

In all seriousness, though — there are always some diabetes and life changes we have in mind as we start the New Year.

Mike joined a gym several months ago and has been doing better to improve his overall health and diabetes management, especially as he nears his big 4-0 birthday coming up soon. Along with his new regular strength-training and exercise routine plus a more disciplined approach to eating and carb-counting, Mike says a big goal for 2019 is to simply focus more on the positive parts of life beyond just diabetes. Good tip for all of us, no?

Amy is an avid exerciser who’s vowing to make sure she keeps up her regular workouts. She continues to “fight the good fight” on keeping carb consumption to a minimum, and is negotiating with herself on how to be more proactive about tracking and reviewing her BG data, to hopefully gain some insights on the days that don’t go so well. She’s currently several weeks into her trial test of the new Eversense implantable CGM, so look for her review soon.


With that, our crew is taking today off to enjoy one single diabetes-free day before the New Year gets rolling… well, at least a day without being obligated to write or tweet about it 😉 We wish you all a wonderful “slide into the New Year,” as they say in German, and see you tomorrow as we look ahead at what our D-Community can expect in new tech tools for 2019!

What about you all, btw?

Any resolutions you’ll be sticking to, or not, in the weeks and year ahead? Please share with us via email or our Twitter or Facebook channels.