It's incredible to hear about the myriad of creative ways in which people are expressing themselves about diabetes and calling attention to this illness lately, both online and off-line.  Just a few short years ago, when I was diagnosed, it seemed the Big Advocacy Organizations were the only games in town.  Now, individuals all over the country — and the world — are doing everything from running online auctions to selling lip-gloss to designing merit badges in the name of the cause. I've recently heard from two more people approaching diabetes awareness with a particularly "fun" spin, if you ask me:

Nic Lee,  Blood Sugar Beat

Nic is a Brit who's had diabetes for over 20 years. He's been a registered nurse in the UK for over three years now. He writes to say that he's just completed an online paper (eBook?) on "the disabling effects hyper and hypoglycemia had upon my life, before I found a way to balance my blood sugar using a system taught me as a nurse, in the Channel Islands."

Don't expect a magic fix; nobody's got one of those, but Nic's Blood Sugar Beat is still informative and fun to read. He also produced this funky trailer to catch some attention for it:

No holds barred, ay Nic? (Do they say that in the UK?)

Singer-songwriter Todd Wright, 40x40 song tracks

Country singer-songwriter Todd Wright (who's toured with the likes of Lucy Woodward and the Pat McGee Band, for those who follow this genre) is turning 40.  Todd does not have diabetes, but approaching his 40th birthday, todd-wrighthe felt compelled to do something challenging and meaningful.  He started out by vowing to write and release 40 new song tracks in 40 days, that people can download for free.

Just one song into this project, he met "two amazing kids," Bella and Cameron, living with type 1 diabetes. He was so moved by seeing challenges they face every day that he decided to add a diabetes awareness / fund-raising component to his free songs campaign. He's now added donation buttons, and when you buy his 40x40 part 1 CD with bonus material, "all proceeds go to The American Diabetes Association to fight juvenile diabetes."  (Oops! I guess no one told Todd about JDRF, but a noble gesture just the same.)

I'm thinking there ought to be a directory of stuff like this — when individuals "go rogue" to help others with diabetes.  Like "Diabetic Rockstar" Christopher Thomas, who raised a few thousand dollars for PWDs in need last week on "Black Friday" with his Fight-It Friday campaign— one dollar at a time. fight-it-friday

Looks like there's still time to chip in, my fellow Rogues.

Know of any other unique campaigns from individuals?  Please share here.

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