The article we published about "going Paleo with diabetes" in 2013 has been one of our most-searched posts for the past three years. And guess what? It needed some updating... which we've now completed with pride.

The result is a comprehensive article all about Paleo eating and the Paleo movement, and expert input on how well it suits blood sugar control. We hope you enjoy it!

Paleo foods for diabetes

We talked with two nationally known CDEs (certified diabetes educators), Jill Weisenberger and Susan Weiner; a type 1 patient advocate who's a fitness and nutrition coach, Christel Oerum; and none other than the author of the book "Paleobetic Diet: Defeat Diabetes and Prediabetes with Paleolithic Eating," Dr. Steve Parker.

Parker gets into the nitty-gritty of effects of the Paleo Diet on insulin resistance and sensitivity, and comparisons to other diets: Mediterranean, vegetarian, DASH, Bernstein, Atkins, etc. You might be surprised what he says.

So basically, we're encouraging you to hop on over and check out our updated article, with sections on:


What is Paleo?

What's the big idea, and what foods are included and not?


Health Benefits of the Paleo Diet?

Is it true that eating Paleo can reduce inflammation and stimulate weight loss, reduced bloating, clearer skin, and more energy?


The Paleo Diet and Diabetes

There’s actually a heated scientific debate going on about that right now, Dr. Parker tells us.


Research On the Paleo Diet Says

Research? What research...?


Best and Worst Paleo Foods for Diabetes

Lean meats, veggies, nuts and fruits... one of these things is not like the others.


A Low-Carb Version of Paleo

Highly recommended. Has anyone tried it?


A “Paleobetic” Experience

Testimony from some T1Ds. Spoiler alert: the effects are good, but staying committed ain't easy.


Any Paleobetics out there who'd like to weigh in? We'd love to hear from you!

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