I don't know why this feels like front page news. It's just a small thing. But one that many people with diabetes prone to hypoglycemia can really appreciate, I imagine — especially the kids who must positively choke on those standard-variety horse-pill-sized glucose tablets...

What I'm talking about is: new Glucose Bits from Dex4, the company that makes pretty much just about all the other glucose products you'll find in your neighborhood drugstore. They're little "individual units" of glucose treatment.




Right now, you can buy the new Bits only at Target.  And so far, the only flavor available is sour berry. And boy, do they look like candy.  Sweet Tarts, in particular, but with one big difference: one Sweet Tart contains 13 grams of carbs (while a regular glucose tabs has 4 grams). The Bits, on the other hand, are literally onesies: one gram of carb per Bit. You can count as you eat. Neat!

We all know that when it comes to treating lows, portioning is everything. It's way too easy to start shoveling stuff in and bounce from 40 to nearly 400 before you know what hit you. Just 1g of sugar and 5 calories in each Bit, too. (They're also gluten-free.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find a good place to hide my Bits before my girls snarf them up.





[Disclosure: I participate intermittently in a Patient Advisory Panel for the company that makes Dex4 products, although I wasn't the least bit involved in development of the Bits]



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