Awarelidays Icon 2013Welcome to the second week of our 2013 DiabetesMine 'Aware-lidays' Giveaway, combining the best of November as Diabetes Awareness Month and the nearing Holiday season...

Awareness + Holidays = the 2013 DiabetesMine 'Aware-lidays' Giveaway!

We were excited to give away TEN stylish diabetes bags in last week's intro giveaway. Congrats to those winners!

Today, we're thrilled to share an offer that will help you "get your sweats on" with some customized exercise coaching. This comes by way of our good friend and fellow D-Advocate Ginger Vieira, a longtime type 1 herself who works as a health and lifestyle coach.

If you haven't yet met Ginger, know this: she's been living with type 1 and celiac disease since 1999, and now helps PWDs across the country as a certified cognitive coach and personal trainer through her company Living in Progress.

She's written several books that we've reviewed here at the 'Mine, including Your Diabetes Science Experiment and Emotional Eating with Diabetes. And you've probably caught some of her great video blogs that always bring a laugh and get us energized about wanting to be more active -- and smile more!Ginger V

Over the Holiday season in particular, we all come up against family feasts and holiday parties overflowing with all kinds of goodies, so exercise can be even more important to balance out our blood sugars...

And Ginger's got just the thing for that!

Last summer, she was one of the micro-grant seed winners from the Diabetes Hands Foundation and that grant helped get one of her dreams off the ground, a program that allows her to reach many more PWDs than just in one-on-one sessions, helping us all get a little more active and in shape without having to head to a gym.

"While we know exercise is so crucial for managing diabetes, what keeps many people from exercising is lack of education and a fear of the gym," she says.

That's where her Sweat-Betes program comes into the picture: for the cost of only a $5 donation (which goes to non-profit Diabetes Hands Foundation), people can download her 5-part series of exercise videos made especially for PWDs.Sweat-Betes

The series begins with an intro video that encourages us to move around and have fun, experimenting with exercise and our D-management, and then moves to everything from building strength and balance to yoga, ab workouts, bodyweight strength training, and free weight training -- all easily accomplished from the comfort of our own homes and at our own pace!

What's really cool is that donations to Ginger's program go to the Big Blue Test campaign, which ends on World Diabetes Day Nov. 14 -- so make sure you head on over to do as many tests as you can this week! Plus, be sure to visit TuDiabetes at 4 p.m. EST on Thursday (World Diabetes Day), as Ginger tells us she and a few other PWDs will be doing a silly exercise webcast online to help get people active and doing Big Blue Tests on that final day. We'll be tuning in, for sure!

Now, for what you've been waiting for...


Our Aware-lidays Giveaway

Ginger has graciously offered a set of three personal coaching sessions to one lucky winner! The package is designed as a customized workout program that allows you to learn how to balance your blood sugars during exercise and also learn how to create an inspiring goal around exercise.

Plus, the winner will receive a copy of Ginger's two books, Your Diabetes Science Experiment and Emotional Eating with Diabetes.

To win, all you have to do is leave a comment on the blog below that answers this question:

What's the most effective exercise you've found for balancing out your diabetes during the holiday season?

Be sure to include the keyword "DMProducts" somewhere in your comment so we know you're interested in the exercise program.

You have until Friday, Nov. 15, at 5pm PST to enter. A valid email address is required to win.

The winner will be chosen using and announced via Facebook and Twitter on Monday, Nov. 18, so make sure you're following us!

Good luck, everyone!

This contest is now closed. Congrats to type 1 PWD Rebecca Jervey in Pennsylvania who chose as this week's winner!

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