Who says it's all just idle chatter? We PWDs (people with diabetes) are finding new and different ways to use Social Media to impact our lives every day.

The latest campaign is a community-wide diabetes-friendly recipe exchange called D-Feast Friday, masterminded by D-bloggers Lorraine (Mom of Caleb), Elizabeth Arnold, Kelly Kunik, "Bittersweet" Karen and a few others. Not long ago, they started tweeting pictures of what they were making for dinner, then in response to queries, cross-posting the recipes, and soon came the idea to "formalize" the effort.

Here's how it will work, according to Lorraine:

"We invite you to blog about your D-friendly recipes next Friday, July 23rd!

"Is 'diabetes friendly' the same as low-carb?  It could be, but it doesn't have to be.  You may have a go-to meal that is always kind to your blood sugars, low-carb or otherwise.

"Blog about your recipe on the 23rd.  Feel free to include pictures and any special techniques you use.  Nutritional information is always welcome, particularly carb counts with defined serving sizes please.  Calories, fat, protein, whether it's gluten free, peanut free, or any  other pertinent information would be helpful too.

"Add the link to your D-Feast Friday blog post by clicking on the button above.  Include the title of your recipe where it asks for 'your name.' You can also browse all the D-Feast Friday recipes by clicking on this link for easy reference.  This button will be included on all of our blogs.

"We hope you share in our excitement to exchange tried and true recipes that don't end with a ride on the  BG rollercoaster."

btw, I should mention that the D-Feast founders have a penchant for anything containing bacon / facon, and also cupcakes. (Hey, we have diabetes, but we're not dead yet!)

Now here comes the 'never-say-never' part for me: I'm pretty sure at some point in my blogging career, I swore I'd never post recipes. But one shouldn't ever swear. Finding good food choices is so critical to managing this disease, that I ought to be riding high on the recipe wagon.

There are loads of recipes to choose from at the DiabeticConnect community site, btw. And one of my other personal favorite sources is BigOven.com, which I also subscribe to on my iPhone. As a little preview of D-Feast, here's a link to one of my best numbers from BigOven: Basque Chicken. My family likes it with the chorizo and olives — delicious and very low-carb, sans the rice.

Now go out and find something yummy to share next Friday, when it's time for the whole D-community to get their cook on!

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