As if to underscore the point that NOBODY's immune to the volatility of this disease, I have seen my endo today and come away incredibly frustrated! My A1c has crept up to 7.2%. Not good, in my Frustrating book, especially because the only way it seems to being going lately is up. Endo thinks this may be due in part to the "rebound effect" from too much night-time Lantus (I've been waking up bathed in sweat). But I am NOT HAPPY, and kept badgering her about workout strategies and the pump (is it time to get serious now?!)

"I feel like you're pressuring me to give you the special 'Amy Solution,'" she said with a wiry smile. Well, duh!! Of course I am. Don't we all want our medical team to provide us with just the right strategy to make it all work? OK, so I was a little edgy, too. The girls have been sick (No. 2 is running to the bathroom as I write this very post) and I've been feeling a bit woozy myself. "Gimme the #$!@*! solution so I can get home to my sick kids!" OK, I checked in the parking lot before heading home: 269! Well, that explains the "pressuring" part: I'm intense enough when I'm in range. Poor doctor. Poor me.

Anyway I know the pump's not a cure-all, but here it is: all my other numbers (blood pressure, microalbumin, lipids, even liver test) are in range, so I'd be on track for a long and healthy life -- if I could just get my A1c under 7, for @#$% sake. Know what I mean? What? You think I'm putting too much pressure on myself? Or you think I should just get over it and go on the @#$% pump? Be kind...

Dexcom_1_2 On another note, I see that DexCom has received FDA approval of its new continuous monitor today. This is an especially appealling real-time monitor, as the unit you wear is a little pod, controlled by a separate receiver unit (similar to the OmniPod tubeless pumping system). Since I can't get me an OmniPod till next year, maybe I can at least swing me a DexCom STS, to figure out what's really going on overnight. Beats setting my alarm for 2am to check, ay? (No details out on actual availability just yet.)

* Update 4/5/06 - the unit is available currently for an introductory price of $500, regular price $800. Sensors are $35 each and come in packs of 5. No insurance coverage for the unit yet, as I understand.*

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