I often wonder what it would be like to have diabetes in a different western industrialized country — one that has a sensible, functioning health care system, for example. Or just someplace smaller, and greener.

This being St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd look up Ireland. Here are a some interesting wee tidbits that Google coughed up:

shamrock icon The website of the big national advocacy organization, The Diabetes Federation of Ireland, has much the same content that most of ours do. To wit: they don't recommend "diabetic foods" either.

shamrock iconThe Federation's website is a production of Novo Nordisk, however — which is not well disclosed.  I only noticed because I happened upon the tiny copyright info at the very bottom of the home page. Bedad! (that's Irish for surprise).

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  The Federation has a Facebook page, but it has only 100+ fans to date. Wisha! (more Irish for surprise).


shamrock icon A recent study of primary care physicians concludes: "Delivery of diabetes care in Ireland remains largely unstructured."

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  Things appear to be especially bad in Northern Ireland.


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  Patients over there are just as confused/frustrated about carb-counting as we are.


shamrock icon A search on "Diabetes and alcohol Ireland" brings up a very measured approach. (I'm going PC and omitting expression of surprise here).

shamrock icon It's the same all over: a new report shows that Ireland is "facing a dramatic rise" in both type 2 and type 1 diabetes (expected to rise 33% by 2015). Here I am actually not surprised.

shamrock icon Hoping for a pot of gold for diabetics? I think not. What do you expect from the country that brought you Corned Beef and Cabbage?

shamrock icon But they do good research — for example, Trinity College Dublin just came out with some helpful findings about Type 2 diabetes in young adults.

shamrock icon And for Type 1's, they've got the Paradigm Veo (and we don't!) That's Medtronic's new combo insulin pump/CGM system can automatically suspend insulin delivery when your BG level dips, protecting you from severe hypoglycemia. (Anybody know the Irish for 'When are we getting that?!')



♣ Here at home, you can visit a real Irish Lassie who has diabetes on her D-blogDia duit, Sheila!

→ Wait, Sheila, you live in Guatemala? You might not know what you're missing, Lassie. (Or do you?)


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