When I first introduced the notion of a "Pimp Your Diabetes" contest a while back, plenty of you seemed enthusiastic indeed about applying for a free diabetes makeover:

"This is a wonderful idea. It will surely prove that however bad one's diabetic health is, the patient can be saved by diabetes experts."

"Will the diabetes makeover be free to the participants? That would make it the chance of a lifetime...a full diabetes/healthy lifestyle makeover and none of the bills for it!"

"Im In, I probably would be the perfect candidate."


"Oh how suh-weet is that?!"

And now it's here, albeit with a different coaching team. But this is still your once-in-a-lifetime chance to get some personal attention and free diabetes management tools from an organization that's just kicking off a new program and is hungry to help you.  So what are you waiting for?

We only have a couple of entries so far, but those we have received really hit home.

One woman writes: "The one thing physicians donʼt do is help you make a plan, so I am researching and trying to make my own. I know if I had a program to follow, I could be more successful. "  How true!

Another, a Type 2, who's made a New Year's Resolution to exercise 5 days a week and switch to a low-carb diet, tells us this:  "I figure that if I don't do this now it will only get harder. I am currently on an insulin pump and would like to be able to get my diabetes stable enough to possibly reduce the amount used in the pump or stop it all together. I am very hopeful that I can succeed with support."

Yet another pours out her heart: "I am constantly researching ways to change all my bad diet and exercise habits. I know they are the triggers to being overweight, diabetic, arthritic, hypertensive and stressed; it is all of these things together that has put me where I am today... The problem is I need help and I donʼt know how to do this alone."

I'm sure we all see a little of ourselves in these testimonies. Of course I wish we could "makeover" every single one of you, but we're very fortunate to be able to offer this great help program to THREE winners — who'll hopefully share their experiences here at the 'Mine.

Tell us your story in 500 words or less and you too could be a recipient of Insulite Lab's Advanced Diabetes Management System (diet, exercise, lifestyle tips, tools and personalized coaching) at absolutely no cost to you for three months.

Reminder: the deadline for submissions is Tuesday, February 10. Email your essays to me HERE.

Here's to a fresh start with your diabetes in 2009!

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