Last weekend we were hiking with some friends -- former colleagues actually, who haven't seen us in a long time. Hoping to make it a "diabetes-free day," I tried to give the woman an ultra-quick synopsis of what I'm doing these days.

"A diabetes blog? So you write about diet? "

"Well no, hardly ever, actually."

"What? It's not about food? I would have thought that would have been the central theme," she said.

Eggads... well, it isn't. And of course, it is.

If it weren't for the complex make-up of stinkin' food, and the fact that we can't live without the stuff, this disease wouldn't be half so hard to manage.

I'm no certified dietitian, so I have no business telling anybody what they should eat.

But tips? Personal experiences? Well sure, I guess I could delve into those a lot more. I've been lucky that I'm not trying to lose weight in the last few years, but even weight maintenance has become a major challenge since hitting the Big 4-0.

A few things I've learned / discovered of late:Oatmeal_2

* Oatmeal is not the anti-Christ. Sorry for the term, but I kind of thought delicious, lumpy, carb-packed oatmeal was the devil's work for diabetics. I have discovered that Quaker's regular quick-cooking oats, along with several brands of instant oatmeal, are far less carby than you'd imagine. And yummy and filling too. Some people even lose weight on this stuff. Hallelujah!

* I'm trying to skip the cheese and munch on veggies and dip instead for snacks of late. I finally seem to have found a dip that's both tasty AND low-carb AND low-fat. Anyone tried Trader Joe's Cilantro & Chive Yogurt Dip yet? Yum.

* Mark's Daily Apple runs a series called "Healthy Tastes Great!" that has awesome tips and recipes, with lots of snarky asides. Just my style! I'm not sure I've ever mentioned that I love to cook. I friend recently recommended the Silver Palate cookbooks. You can get some of their recipes online HERE.


* Like many of you, I've got this peanut butter addiction. I try to avoid it, but with 3 kids in the house, that's tough. Of course, some people will tell you it's the ultimate low-carb snack. But lo and behold, those carbs add up. And it's @#$! high-fat, too. Low-carb King Jimmy Moore recommends "Naturally More" peanut butter -- with fewer carbs, less fat, and more fiber and protein than the regular stuff. Oooh, I so need to try this!


What else is new on the diabetes-friendly food front? Care to share your favorite sites or snacks?

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