This Tuesday, March 2, was Dr. Seuss' birthday. I can't believe I nearly missed it this year. I really should make it an annual tradition to reprint the following, which I penned back in March 2005. This thing has ricocheted around the diabetes community, across the US and beyond:



Excerpts from the Dr. Seuss "Fun with Diabetes" Book

Lancets! Test strips! Testing now! I can, you can, we know how.

Look! See! Blood drops, one and two and three. Why won't this meter beep for me?

Numbers now. Number's high! 182 — my, oh my!

Out with the insulin, out with the needle. Out with the afternoon snack-n-feedle.

Corrections, ouch. Corrections ooch. Injections 10x/day hurt my hooch.

Up, up, up and down the stairs — Now I'm taking stairs in pairs.

Down with the glucose readings! Down, down, down! I'll have the best numbers in any town.

Funny, now I cannot think... Think what I thunk and my heart begins to sink.

Oops! Up with the sugar level — up, up, up! Glucose tablets, gummi drops, and orange juice in a big, BIG cup.

But, see! High again, that's where I am. Above 150, gosh darn damn.

And on it goes throughout the day. Look, what fun! Come on and play.

But if we sweat, then we must eat. But not a treat! No, not a treat!

Round and round and round it goes, and where it stops could be my toes.

I'd like to keep mine. Yes, that's wise. I'll keep my nerves and feet and eyes.

I'd like to keep them all, mind you... So I'll do what I have to do.

But like it? No, no, no, I say! I do not like the vials, the rules, the thinking, worrying all day...

I do not like it one little bit. Still, I'm glad to LIVE with it.


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