Ricocheting around the press and the blogosphere:

1) Statins for all diabetics -- One-third fewer people with diabetes (type 1 or type 2) would suffer heart attacks or strokes if they took cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, a U.K. study says. If you're over 40, and not already on a statin, you're urged to get on one. The experts say it's like wearing a helmet for protection when you're riding a bike. Sounds good, but there are still folks out there who believe that statins can be harmful. Well-known side effects, especially muscle pain, are not making me feel good about this.


2) Vytorin cholesterol drug has bombed -- Don't panic, it doesn't appear to be harmful; it just doesn't work, according to new study results. Still, patients and doctors alike are confused.

""It certainly throws a monkey wrench into this whole field," says Prediman K. Shah, director of cardiology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Doctors had thought that lowering bad cholesterol, or LDL, was always good. But in this study, LDL was cut 40% more for the people on Vytorin than those on the older drug Zocor, yet there was no benefit in terms of preventing the buildup of artery plaque."

Kind of makes you wonder about Big Headline #1, above. It might just be all about making money. Scary.

3) Lilly and MannKind plow ahead with inhaled insulin plans -- Despite the spectacular flop that was Exubera AND the fact that Novo Nordisk recently dropped its planned inhalable product, these two companies still believe "that diabetics will embrace their needle-free alternative." They plan to pursue FDA approval by the end of the year.

Duly noted: "Patients aren't clamoring for an inhaled product because needle sizes for administering insulin have become smaller, making injections less painful, analysts said." Ya think?

So is pushing ahead, pouring money and resources into another inhaler, pure folly? The definition of fanaticism, perhaps? Only time will tell -- that, and designing a better inhaler with more precise dosing options this time around ;)

4) "Illness Presents Diabetics With Special Challenges" -- I thought I'd point out that this press release from the ADA was picked up in the Washington Post, and Forbes, not to mention HealthCentral Network, HealthDay News, BioMedicine News, PharmDaily, and a host of smaller websites and newspapers around the country. That's some nice coverage! Kudos to the ADA PR machine.

Basically, the six tips offered for sick-day management aren't really news to most PWDs. Just a nice little reminder to be prepared, and get your flu shot, of course.

5) Home Diagnostics rolls out TRUEtest no-coding glucose test strips -- I hadn't heard many new glucose meter announcements in a while, so here you go: TRUEtest is designed with "state-of-the-art... no-coding technology that automatically calibrates with the company's upcoming TRUEresult and TRUE2go blood glucose meters."

Not that "no coding" is all that new, or even all that valuable, to my mind. I actually think it's kind of a gimmick to get more patients hooked on newer meters and test-strip streams. But if you're interested in trying the TRUEtest anyway, get information about where to buy HERE.

... and that's all the news that's fit to print, for this hour, anyway.

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