Today, I've got butterflies in my stomach, which usually only happens when I sit in the back seat of a moving vehicle. That's not because it's D-Blog day today, either, although I want to start out by sending lots of love to all my fellow diabetes bloggers, and you wonderful people who read our words and interact with us regularly. You have changed my life, for the better. So thank you all!

Now, to my announcement: I am pleased (if a bit nervous) to announce that the DiabetesMine Health Account Plan is now up and running at

For those of you who missed it, I'm partnering again with Dr. Richard keas_logo-smallJackson of Joslin Diabetes Center, this time to co-author a set of interactive online "Care Plans" for people with diabetes at the new online health center,

Please see this press release, and/or this post for an explanation of Keas and what their "next-generation interactive health tools" are all about.

I'm nervous because you all, Dear Readers of this blog, are a often tough crowd. You know diabetes care in and out, and you're not going to let anything careless or flawed slip by without getting vocal about it. Which is why I love you all! Your feedback is more than welcome, to be sure.

If and when you decide to sign up and have a look at our new Plan, I only ask you to please be constructive. Please tell us what we can do better.

Please keep in mind:

* These plans may look simple, but simplicity is an intricate art. I assure you that we (and the amazing Keas team) spent many long hours writing and developing this stuff.

* This is version 1.0. According to Yours Truly in our press release: "We look forward to input from the diabetes patient community. These plans are tools that can grow and evolve based on user feedback."

* And the rest of it, which I say from the heart: "We hope the Keas platform will allow us to take online tools for diabetes to the next level — beyond just tracking glucose data — by helping people actually take action to improve their health."dblog

Our Plan is being offered free of charge for a limited time, so check it out, here. You'll be prompted to sign up for the Keas service first, and will then have to pick out the DiabetesMine logo from the "All Care Plans" area.

Note: Adam Bosworth, founder of and former head of Google Health, presented a keynote speech at the World Healthcare Innovation and Technology Conference in Washington, DC, this morning. It was about patients taking charge of their own health. I hope that's what everyone has on their mind on this fourth annual D-blog Day. I know I do.

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