Listen up, D-Peeps!Diabetes Podcast Week

We mean it. Starting Monday, Feb. 1, get ready to tune in to a wave of podcasts hitting the airwaves (or your iDevices) for the first-ever Diabetes Podcast Week (hashtag #DPodcastWeek), featuring 12 talented diabetes podcaster crews from across the country.

Bet you didn't know there were even twelve whole podcast programs devoted specifically to diabetes!

Yep, this initiative is the brainchild of D-Mom Stacey Simms in North Carolina, who has a son with type 1 and runs the weekly Diabetes Connections podcast and writes at her Off the Dial blog. She says she was inspired after reading a post here at the 'Mine (!) touting a surge of energy in the D-podcasting scene, with a number of new audio programs emerging in the past year.

Her idea was to create a sort of podcast-version of the popular Diabetes Blog Week initiative that began seven years ago with an idea from D-peep Karen Graffeo at BitterSweet Diabetes. That one has grown into a much-anticipated phenom every May with 100+ bloggers sharing their thoughts all week, and Stacey hopes to grow her effort into a popular annual happening as well.

Stacey knows what she's doing, as a former top-rated morning radio news show host, TV anchor and reporter in Charlotte, NC, and in Syracuse and Utica, New York. She won several Associated Press awards in her time as a TV medical reporter.

#SpareARoseThis inaugural D-Podcast Week goes beyond shining a light on these audio programs; it's actually a targeted effort to raise awareness for the Spare A Rose, Save A Child campaign that raises funds for life-saving insulin and diabetes supplies to be sent to children in need in developing countries, where type 1 diabetes is a death sentence for many.

The idea is simple: instead of buying the typical "dozen roses" that are so popular on Valentine's Day, you buy just 11 (which is still romantic, we promise!). And then you donate the value of that single extra flower to help a child with diabetes in the developing world. Your loved one still gets flowers, and you both show some love to someone who needs it!

Since the Spare A Rose effort was kicked off in 2013, more than $55,000 has been raised for the International Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child program.

Working with the nonprofit group that created Spare A Rose, Partnership for Diabetes Change (P4DC), Stacey has asked all participating podcasters to feature the program in some way -- talking about the need and the good work being done -- either on their regular weekly broadcast program or in a special edition to run next week. To get the schedules, you can visit the sites of participating podcasters:

And if you have podcast too, don't worry -- there’s still time to sign up. You can reach out to Stacey Simms at

"Podcasting, to me, represents a new way for more people with Stacey Simmsdiabetes to find someone who sounds like them, who understands what they’re going through," Stacey says. "All of these different hosts have their own point of view, their own experience and their own way of connecting with their audience. I’d like to think Diabetes Podcast Week will bring awareness of the great resources these shows offer people touched by diabetes. And if we help raise money for a great cause in Spare A Rose, that’s a wonderful bonus."

Podcasting, to me, represents a new way for more people with diabetes to find someone who sounds like them, who understands what they’re going through.
- Stacey Simms, D-Mom and Creator of Diabetes Podcast Week

While blogging is still very popular and brings a lot of value for those who want to read all about diabetes, it’s great to see the audio side of the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) growing stronger and complementing what’s also available on Facebook, Twitter and even Tumbler and Instagram. 

BTW, better late than never: Not sure what a podcast even is? Check out Stacey's clever What's A Podcast page.

Personally, I love hearing these podcasts. I often download them onto my smartphone playlist so I can listen while driving. It’s nice actually hearing people's voices, and being able to absorb new information while I’m on the go. Or when I'm at my desk, I can just go to the podcast's site and click to listen -- often while I'm multi-tasking doing other things. And I've recently had the fun opportunity to be a guest on two new podcasts: Diabetes Daily Grind, where I chatted with the hosts about craft beer and diabetes; and the Everybody Talks podcast by the Diabetes Hands Foundation, where we chatted about none other than... D-Podcast Week!

We also caught the news recently that the popular Diabetes Power Show, a longtime podcast by Charlie Cherry and team out of Las Vegas, has now partnered up with the Diabetes Daily online community and will be moving to that site soon. Very cool to see that collaboration happening.

So we're getting our headphones warmed up for a week of awesome podcasts microphone broadcastwith a special mission: to help the spread the word about the even awesomer cause Spare A Rose. We hope you'll tune in too!

And if you're sharing on Twitter, be sure to use both the #DPodcastWeek and #SpareARose hashtags, please :)

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