It's been a good weekend so far. Sun. Friends. Time off from this box I sit in front of far too much. With that in mind, I wish you all:




Honestly, I can't think of any group of people who need or deserve a day off more than us chronically ill types.

Speaking of working hard, this seemed like a good opportunity to give a little "linky love" to the good folks out there laboring on diabetes products and campaigns to promote them.  Here's the latest batch of stuff that was sent to me via email. No guarantees on quality or integrity, since I haven't done much homework on them. But in celebration of Labor Day, I applaud their persistence in pestering me for a plug ;) : - "the site that organizes healthcare information for those whose pancrei have opted for early retirement" - new recipe site categorized by health conditions - an online health questionnaire that can be filled out prior to seeing the doctor, "saving precious time and energy"

Dr. Leonard's Health Products - discount-priced diabetes care stuff, including socks and creams - a service that delivers kits (all the ingredients and recipes you need) for making quick, healthy dinners at home

Efusjon - "an alternative to your normal energy drink"

DiabetesManager 1.0 - a smartphone application developed in Android (an open software development platform for mobile apps)

Healogica Clinical Trials iPhone app - "helps patients and their loved ones search, discover and connect with clinical research studies"

There you have it.

Kudos to everyone out there who works hard at — and on— diabetes!


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